I challenged the Mario Speedrun Master…and won. Here’s how.

I beat a Super Mario Odyssey Speedrunning Pro not with skill, but with strategy.


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▶Post Office Box (I'll open it on stream):
Tanner Ant
PO Box 283 Prince George A
Prince George, BC

#SmallAnt #CJYA #Mario

12 комментов

  1. Hjonk
    I love how he brags about his hours when I have 12000 hours on YouTube
  2. Geneva Viera
    Cappy: It doesn’t look like you can brute force that…Smallant: Britt forces through it
  3. eman ahmad
    The adamant hate intraperitonally roll because deodorant virtually bomb but a pastoral top. extra-large extra-small exuberant, pathetic hall
  4. Save Them Minigame
    Cj is better at the game, but Ant is more clever.

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