Установите Raid бесплатно ✅ IOS / ANDROID / PC: и получите специальный стартовый пакет ? Доступно только для следующего 30 дней

► Основной канал: 6
► Канал реакции: K
► Канал Pokemon: g

► Товары клуба Self Revive: m

Twitter: 6
Facebook: 6
Instagram: 6
Twitch: 6
Сервер Discord: 6

Деловые запросы: noahjbusiness@gmail.com

Спасибо за смотрю, и хорошего дня!
-NoahJ 456

14 комментов

  1. NoahJAFK
    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: https://clcr.me/NoahJAFK_Raid_Oct and get a special starter pack ? Available only for the next 30 days
  2. Christian Losh
    I think mephastophilis is ez I've beat it like 500 times and honestly it's just ez
  3. Mohammed Bokhari
    Can we get a counter on how many raid sponsors Noah gets
  4. Om Mudgal
    Pls react to lex's new video "Nobody cares about Call of Duty"
  5. Snipes_LXIX
    hearing snakeskin boots in the background at the start was nice :)
  6. Gabe Itch
    By the time I'm finished setting up and starting to do the ee he's finishing it
  7. xNindroid
    IW zombies is so UNDERRATED I honestly really like it
  8. TikTok_br3ak3r
    How many more youtubers is raid gonna sponsor?
  9. DoomJolt FromFlordia
    5:00 it’s the jellyfish that means we are in the purple upside down (The Dark Aether)
  10. Me Mayorga
    im sorry guys rave in the redwood is one of my top maps. so many funny memories
  11. vDdog
    Turn the quality up on the peoples videos not trying to watch a 480p speedrun

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