Factorio: 100% Speedrun 4:45:06

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  1. 1000 Подписоты без видео
    I immediately apologize for my English because I don’t know it because I live in Russia and translated it using Google translator! Finally a new video! I love watching your videos on factorio and respect what you do because 4 hours not everyone can react so quickly on the fly! My rocket launch record is over 6 hours! Looking forward to your new videos on Factorio!
  2. NovemberOrWhatever
    100% is becoming a really active category. The top five times are all from the past two weeks. I'm rooting for you to take the next WR, and I'm also rooting for a sub-4:40 from someone
  3. NovemberOrWhatever
    At 16:46, I was surprised that there was space for the power pole in the middle. Don't speedrun builds typically... oh.
  4. RibaldC
    How many times I thought; damn cart. Nefrums, the intrepid track-runner
  5. Oliver Badewitz
    best last 30 secs ever :) - good attempt - next time WR i guess GG
  6. James Murray — O’Brien
    I've only got 30 hours in the game and this just blows my mind
  7. Motog 6
    Incredible progress over the last few months! You can tell anti's worried now he's rushing to build a new PC just to keep challenging you lol
  8. zhuzhou
    Including the map selection in the time is weird since you could just keep resetting the run and trying the first map till you get a good one. Time loss is getting significant
  9. Björn
    Really nice run! The times are starting to get really low on 100%!I have one maybe stupid question, why not build the next set of nuclear reactors and fuel them ahead of the rest of that part of the power build? I think I can guess the answer, all the heat pipes and exchangers would cause the average to fall so low it doesn't matter? Perhaps some middle ground of some heat pipes ahead of time?

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