Factorio Death World Speedrun Бывший WR 3:42:44

Factorio 1.1.6

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  1. Hurricane999 Anon
    I think I can beat peaceful mode in 5 hours flat. But it almost seems boring because I like spending an extra couple hours running things over with the tank.
  2. Yowane Haku
    10 mins into factoriame : hmm i have my 1 furnance and miner, maybe i got chop some tree while checking what others building availablethis guy : 10+ furnanace, 20+ mine, power, scienceO_o
  3. Hot Cup O’ Jawa
    וואלק מר מפרום אתה תותח פסיכופת כל הכבוד, ריצת מהירות אחת היפות שראיתי
  4. Jotto999
    It's comical how frickin' massive his iron smelting is within an hour, and the whole time he's feels very low on iron. Well, that's speedrunning Factorio!
  5. Israel Perez Lopez
    I GOT 4 HOURS WHAT DO I DO3 hours an 42 min later beat factorio
  6. Gany mede
    I love that you can place things like electric poles while you're driving. I'm just imaging the guy's got a stack sitting behind him and is tossing them out the window like javelins.
  7. gsck
    You have gotten further in 3 hours than I have in my 100 hours of factorio
  8. anderzejn
    Very nice playthrough - anyone knows if it is just his design that he remembered and executed or he created it on the fly while playing?

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