Metroid Dread — Any% Speedrun in 1:29

OH YEAH, We got that sub 1:30 - And wow it could have been so much faster, there's so many timessaves still, I think 1:26:xx is possible very soon with current strats.


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9 комментов

  1. Hardpelicn
    We partnered now yeeeeeeeeeeeeee, chuck us some of those SUUUUUUBBBBBBSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  2. Nong_Ing
    Darn I missed itBut I see the item checklist I’ll just try to do as you do…and suppress my completionist to grab every missile tank I see…
  3. Samuel McConen
    The thing is: Real time is third place in the speedrun leaderboards, but the in-game time is actually a world record.
  4. Link Luver
    Was watching the end of this in class and was like ‘wait did he miss?? Did he miss again!?!’Dope run tho
  5. Aldrig För Sent
    If Samus touched the controls of her ship while in Metroid form, wouldn't she just absorb the ability to fly like a spaceship? Silent Robe screwed us.
  6. Teh Brookie
    Making a thread of personal timestamps for each time I take a break/need to practice a trick.Practice Pseudobeam: 1:07:21Break: 1:09:19

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