Dimension Parkour Speedrun в 11:39

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JD Harding - Darkstar
Ссылка на Youtube:/> JD Harding's OCRemix page: g

Scaredsim & Fishy - Who's That Child?
Ссылка на Youtube:/> Страница OCRemix Scaredsim: m
Страница OCRemix Fishy: y

Mazedude & Dhsu - Dragonborn Concerto
Ссылка на Youtube:/> Страница OCRemix Mazedude: e
Страница OCRemix Dhsu: u

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Версия: 1. 16. 3
FOV: 90

6 комментов

  1. Astralio
    EDIT : new wr 11:23 by perpexior go check it out ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9YUE5xTQocIt's possible to get sub 11:20 if you don't use setups for certain slime glitches / hard jumps.If you're wondering why I am comparing against a better time, it's because I actually got a 11:35 IGT around 30min before this run, but sadly I didn't record it...This run is still pretty good, except the nether.Also you probably noticed that there are quite a lot of freezes in the video. It's not an encoding problem. The freezes actually happened in game, and to say the least were really annoying. At 10:51, a freeze ate my jump input. And at 10:40, this one almost made me fail the jump, which would have resulted in an instant reset. I have no idea why these freezes happen, and I probably won't go for a better time because of that.Anyway I hope you enjoyed the run ! :)
  2. Andrea E
    It's literally all the effort we have to do to get past Minecraft

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