Ooooooh boy, got a 1:28 - WAS SO ON PACE FOR A 1:26 UNTIL THE INCIDENT OCCURRED!

PB Starts at 3:30:48
PB Video here - k
Thanks to all the Tippers and Superchatters, you're all sick!
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#Metroid #MetroidDread #Speedrun

3 коммента

  1. David Speedman
    Awesome run dude! Does anyone know where the extra minutes come from in-game compare with real time? My first though was it counting the length of the full cutscenes, but there can’t seriously be 20+ mins of them
  2. Connor McDonald
    I tried the early space jump technique last night for about an hour and could not do it. Mad respect for how fluid you've got it down.
  3. Ellie Evans
    I actually found that you don't need to go off the edge for the early phantom pseudo wave, you can just do a slide - turn - jump - shoot at the right spot (about around the left edge of the right railing) and angle and it works. Need practice it more to see if it's more consistent to be worthwhile though.

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