Calamity Speedrun: Supreme Calamitas Killed in Under 3 Hours!

Important timestamps in description and comments for mobile users.
You can watch my attempts live at x
You can join my Discord to discuss future runs at M

Thank you for joining me. A month's work has come together into something I can truly say I'm ecstatic to have accomplished. Every ounce of support has meant the world to me and I never would have come this far without it. Truly, thank you.

Awesome thumbnail by the very talented FloofiWan, who you can find on Discord: FloofiWan#7723


What is armageddon/how do you get treasure bags on normal?
---Armageddon is a toggle item added by Calamity that, when active, will cause you to instantly die when taking damage during a boss fight. However, should you succeed, you are rewarded with 10 treasure bags, even in normal mode.

Why do you move incredibly fast sometimes?
---Burden Breaker is an accessory added by Calamity that allows the player to reach (mostly) uncapped speeds.

How do you dupe items? I can't seem to get it to work.
---Check this clip. p

How many attempts did this take you?
---55 attempts. It took about 3 weeks to accomplish, routing and all.

What difficulty is this? Is this seeded?
---This is a normal mode unseeded speedrun.

King Slime - 11:18
Queen Bee - 18:53
Wall of Flesh - 28:55
Skeletron - 37:10
Cryogen - 59:32
Mech Bosses - 1:01:39
Lunatic Cultist - 1:20:17
Moonlord - 1:38:02
Bumblebirb - 1:42:03
Storm Weaver - 2:04:07
Signus - 2:08:01
Ceaseless Void - 2:09:33
Devourer of Gods - 2:11:15
Profaned Guardians - 2:18:33
Providence - 2:18:58
Yharon (Unworthy) - 2:26:49
Yharon - 2:29:24
Supreme Calamitas - 2:45:11

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  1. Hectique
    Time stamps for mobile users!King Slime - 11:18Queen Bee - 18:53Wall of Flesh - 28:55Skeletron - 37:10Cryogen - 59:32Mech Bosses - 1:01:39Lunatic Cultist - 1:20:17Moonlord - 1:38:02Bumblebirb - 1:42:03Storm Weaver - 2:04:07Signus - 2:08:01Ceaseless Void - 2:09:33Devourer of Gods - 2:11:15Profaned Guardians - 2:18:33Providence - 2:18:58Yharon (Unworthy) - 2:26:49Yharon - 2:29:24Supreme Calamitas - 2:45:11
  2. mastersword583
    Question: no rush, but would it be possible for you to do this with the current version of Calamity? It's gotten a lot of updates over the past few years, and if anyone could pull off another record, it's you
  3. Spectra
    Somebody in chat said (and I’m paraphrasing) “I go try bed”
  4. Raska The Slaanesh
    if you play with other mods, there is also more classes, like Healer, Alchemist, Enchanter,...
  5. Big bob4 4
    how is he getting so many magnum rounds from the wooden things?
  6. Matheus Silva
    Mataram o Calamitas gente, tá safe. Pede pra ordem recuar aí
  7. SSSPxConcave608
    I k ow I'm kinda late vut that dupe glitch with the bars how do u do it? Or did it get patched

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