Control Developers React to 49 Minute Speedrun

Watch as Remedy Entertainment's Adam Persson (Level Designer for Control) and Sean Donnelly (Lead Gameplay Programmer for Control) give their thoughts on speedrunner Bryonato's incredible run of Control, offering unique insight on what was or was not intended to be used or manipulated in the game.

Make sure to check out more from Bryonato here:


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  1. N M
    K i know adblock is a thing and its partly my fault for being too lazy to use a phone browser with adblock, but this video has ads every 5 mins which is really obnoxious
  2. ForTheHomies
    Donnelly is a programming legend out of Finland!! Such AN AMAZING game guys!!
  3. OneStorey
    Does anyone know why he quits the game at 38 minutes because of some crashing bug? My game crashes all the time would love to know how to avoid that
  4. Super_Morto
    This the best kind of gaming community you can get!!!!! Not one negative comment in 100% of all speed run videos I've ever seen. A lot of big companies should teach their staff to act like this.
  5. Akira
    Control is one of those games where you can literally take a screenshot everywhere for how gorgeous the level designs are.
  6. Nakka Vikhyath
    Is it just me Or this guy is looking like Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones..
  7. Bennie Brunink
    Is any speed running from Salvador possible ..
  8. stu9000
    Big respect to the developers for making my favourite game of all time!
  9. chrayez
    Control: the (only?) game where clipping out of bounds doesn’t take away from narrative immersion ?

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