The Outer Worlds Developers React to 12 Minute Speedrun

Co-Game Directors Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky love that people are speedrunning The Outer Worlds! So they took time out of their day to fully commentate over a full playthrough of their game. Luckily for them, speedrunner Creeperhntr can beat the game in less time than it takes to watch a TV show.

Note: Hosting of this video was allowed by its original owner

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  1. Go-Go-Rilla
    imagine reviving a colonist from the hope and 13 minutes later they solve the universe
  2. Sarys
    Problem with a lot of games are the noc just going Huh? instead of instantly reacting to someone running by when they know only personel are suppose to be there.
  3. Toke Talk
    8 minutes into this speed run covers 24 hours I've spent to get to that point. The content and side stories are what makes this game amazing! Awesome speed-run!
  4. Value Brand Melkor
    What I've learned: the Outer Wilds is put together in such a threadbare manner that you can beat it in 12 minutes without using sequence breaking or terrain glitches. Everything besides what was in those 12 minutes is side content.
  5. Tracey Elliot
    @ 8:36 -ish .............. he almost sound disappointed hahahahahahahaa ???
  6. Saint Dane
    Imagine you wake up someone who you think they can help you, and then they do the entirety of what you wanted them to do in a couple hours, and then when it comes time for a big part of what you wanted them to do, they just kill themselves, and everyone they knew

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